Writing academic english level 4 answer key pdf

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SS2 b. Writing Technique Questions page 61 1. In this sentence, it connects two independent clauses. Research is inconclusive show opposite results 2. Writing academic english third edition answer key pdf Liverpool California resume writing fast Responses may vary. It has become the global language despite its difficulties in spelling, pronunciation, and grammar; its many varieties around the world; and its complexities World Empire.

It is followed by a noun phrase that tells a result. Cross out: Idioms are often difficult for newcomers to understand. Paragraph 1 First topic sentence: Because the Internet makes the world a smaller place, the value of having a common language is greatly increased.

Writing academic english level 4 answer key pdf

Phrase that introduces the direct quotation: According to an article in Forbes magazine 3. SS5 or SS4 c. Second topic sentence: Someday, software may be available to instantly translate both written and spoken language so well that the need for any common language could decline. His betrothal. It sums up the arguments in favor of same-sex classes. New foods a. Silver and turquoise jewelry 14 19 3. In addition , genetic engineers have created larger fish, frost-resistant strawberries, and cows that produce more milk. Opposing argument 2 Separate classes send the message that males and females cannot work together. Paragraph A gives a summary of the subtopics.

It indicates chronological order by indicating that the essay will explain 1 how the accident happened and 2 how a nuclear power plant is built and how it operates. C In some areas of the world, heavy rains fall. SS4 b. Introduction: explanation of the issue Thesis Statement: Although some parents and educators oppose same-sex classes, there is strong evidence that separating boys and girls in middle school brings positive results.

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Writing Academic English 4th Ed_ Answer Key